Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ironwood Rain video "Until The End Of Time" now on YouTube!

IR is now worldwide! The video for "Until the End of Time" [from our soon-to-be-released CD Trio] is now on YouTube! Special thanks to Gusty and the guys at MohrFire Studios, and SWaT Productions for an excellent video production. Also thanks to the The D-Note, the Buffalo Rose, and the Laughing Goat for letting us film the live shots.
Check it out now:

Or go to YouTube and search for "Ironwood Rain". There you will see an interview video as well.

The tentative date for the official Trio CD release party is November 20 at the D-Note. The CDs should be available for sale by then. Stay tuned for more updates.

The whole experience - from putting the music together, to recording the CD, to playing live, to making the video - has exceeded my expectations.