Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blast from the past - vintage pics of Mikey playing music

Here's the breakdown:
With my very first guitar, a Harmony "Stella" - circa 1968:

Playing at church with my first electric, a Sears Silvertone - circa 1970:

With my trusty Gibson ES-175 - circa 1971/72:

Playing my Strat, with Stiffwater - circa 1975:

Playing my Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM300 with Coventry - circa 2003:

Mikeyz Guitarz: a gallery of the many instruments I have owned (and still own) over the years.

My guitars, in roughly chronological order:

*indicates a guitar that I still own...
Here's the breakdown:
Harmony Stella, purchased in 1968:

Sears Silvertone electric, purchased in 1970:

My Gibson ES-175*, originally purchased in 1969:

Harmony "Buck Owens American"* (new 1971):

Yamaha "Flying Samurai" - a reissue*, a near-exact replica of the guitar I originally purchased in 1973 - and the original:

Fender Stratocaster* (new 1975):

Gibson "V2" Flying V (new 1980):

Ibanez Paul Gilbert signature PGM300 (new 1996):

Fender Acoustic "Samantha"* (new 2009):

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Funny old world, innit?

I just realized something interesting...
One of the things that I am really good at is deciphering and arranging vocal harmonies - creating distinct individual vocal parts and melodies.
However, the other thing that I have found that another thing that I seem to be really good at is having the other guys sing the part that they fall into, and I find a part that fits in on top of it all. I guess I can just hear it.
Given a choice, my first inclination would go with arranging vocal parts. However, I am learning more and more that I really like finding a part that fits in, fills the gaps like mortar. Or glue. Or another thing that fits in between other things. In addition, if the other guys are singing the parts that they 'fall into,' then everybody is playing to their strengths; i.e., everyone is singing what comes naturally to them, and nobody is out of their element trying to sing a forced vocal part.
I am lucky that I am in a band of musicians who can sing what comes naturally to them, and it works.
Interesting how things work out.