Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amazing Grace ... at long last!

I was finally able to post the version of Amazing Grace that I created for Mom's memorial service.
I have always loved the song, and Mom had requested that the song be played at her memorial service. I think she asked for bagpipes or organ. I don't play bagpipes, so...
It's just me, Sam (my trusty Fender acoustic), and my Digitech RP20 (for reverb and also for compression/warmth for the layered harmony guitars), recorded on a KORG ToneWorks PXR4.
(Finally, I found a software that could convert my file to an .mp3 that RN would accept. the PXR4 is an older unit, and records at a different sample rate that freaks out RN's upload page.
You can play it in the RN mini-player on the sidebar of this blog (at left), or you can go to my ReverbNation page and listen to it there:
It was so wild when they played it at the church; the speakers were way up in the rafters, so it really did sound like it was coming from heaven. I think Mom would have liked that.

Monday, November 8, 2010


NEW SONG! This real-life story has been bouncing around in my head for years now... and the other night, I heard a band play a cool reggae beat - it was the perfect fit, and the puzzle piece that brought it all together! (Funny how it takes several years for a song to 'just fall
It's a tale of true love, drinking coconut milk straight from the shell, long nights on the beach, signs from above... adventure, humor, and danger....
It's a story about how "Love knows no laws" and the heart does what it will, regardless... that can lead to trouble sometimes... and "Woe!!! Whoa-OH!"
All the while the Caribbean beat lilts along, much like life in the islands...
...and the beat goes:
"Un dit-dit BOOM dit, Un dit-dit BOOM dit, "