Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mikeyz Guitarz: a gallery of the many instruments I have owned (and still own) over the years.

My guitars, in roughly chronological order:

*indicates a guitar that I still own...
Here's the breakdown:
Harmony Stella, purchased in 1968:

Sears Silvertone electric, purchased in 1970:

My Gibson ES-175*, originally purchased in 1969:

Harmony "Buck Owens American"* (new 1971):

Yamaha "Flying Samurai" - a reissue*, a near-exact replica of the guitar I originally purchased in 1973 - and the original:

Fender Stratocaster* (new 1975):

Gibson "V2" Flying V (new 1980):

Ibanez Paul Gilbert signature PGM300 (new 1996):

Fender Acoustic "Samantha"* (new 2009):

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