Monday, June 15, 2009

Ironwood Rain CD project at Mohr Fire Studios

My band, Ironwood Rain, is busy recording our debut CD at Mohr Fire Studios.
First of all, let me say that it is a pleasure working with Gusty and the guys at Mohr Fire. As you can see, the facility is outstanding, and simply beautiful. For example, take a look at the magnificent quilts all around the studio... What an exceptional experience.
Day 4:
Getting down to business. Vocal tracks, guitar tracks, and "safety pants". (It's a long story...)
Getting ready to 'lay it down.'
Listening back to the tracks.
Check out Gusty's custom-made "twisty" didgeridoo just on the other side of the window. It's wild.

Day 3:
Video Shoot!
Today the film crew from SWaT Production LLC arrived to shoot the 'studio' portion of the video for Until The End of Time.

Gusty and the SWaT team discussing deatails and getting set to film. Great guys, fun and easy to work with.
I have no pictures from the actual shoot, because we were all in the video and hadn't a free hand to shoot our own pics.
You'll have to wait for the video.

"A-HA!!!" Moment!

The vocal tracks were good, but Gusty felt they could be even better.
JJ suggested singing his leads while holding his guitar; it felt more natural to him.
A magic moment!
The difference was unbelievable. There was something intangible but extremely evident. The energy was really there. Everything just seemed to flow.

It worked for Scotte, too!

JJ recording vocals for 19K M mph.
(Rock star...)

Scotte lays down the "Na na na's" in 5th of September.

Day 2:
Getting down to the nitty gritty; basic tracks for more songs, then individual tracks, vocals, and harmonies.

We are all in high spirits. This just gets more fun all the time!

The hypnotic tuner. Seriously, don't stare at it for too long!!!...

The magician at work.

It's like NASA.
I wonder if the folks at NASA say, "Wow, it's like a recording studio!!!"

Rhythm tracks:

Scotte and JJ in the big room.

Laying down individual tracks:

JJ gets ready for a track, as seen from the vocal isolation booth.

Scotte listens back to a bass track.

Time for vocals:

Let's try a little mood lighting...

Ah, that's better!

Monkey Shines. You can almost see the steam and feel the heat of the swamp.

Cafe Society. ooOOoo...

19K M mph. JJ is such a rock star.

Really, he should think of changing his name to JJ Rokstah.

And don't forget who is turning all this into a beautiful recording.... "The Magician," Gusty.
[Leaning against the wall by the quilt is a didgeridoo that Gusty hand-built. He's multi-talented.]

Yours truly, working my dulcit tones over the rhythm and lead vocal tracks.

Listening to the results.

As seen from the big room.

As seen from the isolation booth.

The big room, clockwise from the entrance:

[Sam in the big room. Ain't she beautiful?]

To the vocal isolation booth:

By the end of the day, we had two songs 'in the can,' and five other songs tracked and ready for vocals and solos.

Day 1:
[Due to the low lighting, some of the photos are blurry. That's fine, I prefer the ambience.]

Scotte, the mastermind behind the CD project, and the band as a whole. He is standing in the vocal isolation booth.

JJ warms up in the live room. It is HUGE.

Gusty, Mohr Fire's ace engineer, at the helm.
Gusty is an incredible engineer, and really knows his stuff . He knows his equipment and how to use it to get the best recording. His experience and expertise are invaluable, making the most of our time and energy, and making the whole process a real pleasure.
On top of all that, Gusty is a great guy, and unbelievably easy to work with.

JJ and Gusty in the main room.

Scotte tunes up.
We all wound up standing there, staring at the tuner. It's hypnotic, like a truth serum.

Mission control. Great mood lighting - so important to get that creative vibe going.
And the sound?... AWESOME!!!

The view from the isolation booth.

Gusty working his magic. Seriously, it is like watching a magic show.

Scotte gets ready to reccord bass lines.

JJ ready to record.

The view from the control room:

Gusty gets JJ set up to record vocal and guitar on 19K M mph.

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