Thursday, April 28, 2011

New song ideas!

Got three new song ideas down on my portable recorder this evening.
I must be going through a musical growth spurt or something.
Each one of the ideas is completely different:
The first one is a jazz-type tune, slightly reminiscent of the likes of Tom Waits;
The second one is a haunting, eerie song, that was inspired, ironically by a guy playing blues harmonica... the lyric theme got stuck in my head, and then twisted around and came out as something else completely. It was originally in double-drop tuning, but I'm experimenting with a different rendition in standard tuning;
The third came from a live video of Rory Gallagher playing "She Moved Thro' the Fair/Out on the Western Plain" that I was goofing around learning a few months back. I started messing around with the double-drop tuning. Then I started riffing on this wild riff, and it just took off in a different direction.
The drop D and double-drop tunings really seem to bring something out in me musically. I find myself getting inspired by the big sound of the guitar in the alternate tunings.
There also seems to be a recurring pattern for me - I'll hear a melody or a snippet of a song, and I'll sit down and start riffing on it, and then it takes off in a different direction and turns into something totally different.
Hm... I wonder if Beethoven ever did that? LOL

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