Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gibson is BACK!!! Reunited at long last!

After several years apart, a dear sweet friend has brought my Gibson back home to me!

Yup, that's me with my Gibson ES-175 back when I was a kid.
It was my first really good guitar (no duh) and I played it in my first band.
It really is a sweet instrument, and I love it dearly.
I took it with me to rehearsal tonight, and it was so cool to play it with the band. There are some things that it is just born to do, like jazz and blues. The problem is, it's almost too easy to play; after playing acoustic for so long, and putting light gauge strings on it, I really had to 'ease up on the throttle' or I would push it out of tune. It really only takes a very light touch to make this guitar sing!
Thanks Stacey, for bringing the guitar to Denver with you! And thanks to Dino and Juliette for keeping it for me the last 7 years!

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