Thursday, November 21, 2013

DEAR SANTA... prove that you exist... I DARE YOU!

My trusty

I've been thinking about all the awesome guitars I currently have in my collection, and all the cool guitars I have had the privilege of owning over the years.
I was reminiscing about my Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM300. It was a great guitar; it looked sharp, played well, and got so many great useable sounds. It was probably the best all-around guitar I ever owned. I do miss that guitar from time to time.
Still, it's fun to think about owning one again.  
So... I started to do some math...

Here's a simple math equation for you.
I decided to look it up online just to see what they were going for these days.
Just for fun.
...Oh yeah, they've increased in market value since the day when I originally purchased mine. That's what I was expecting when I typed "Ibanez Paul Gilbert" into the search engine.  But what I wasn't  expecting to find was this:

Ibanez FRM100TR Fireman
Paul Gilbert Signature Electric Guitar
Transparent Red
I mean... just look at it. What a perfect complement to the Iceman, the Flying Samurai...
It would go great in my collection of somewhat unusual guitars.
I even found a cool interview with Paul Gilbert about the concept and design of the guitar.

Soooooo...... a little re-tooling and I came up with an advanced euqation:
This is the "new math." ;)

This post is tongue-in-cheek; the whole Santa thing is merely a jest.

Don't misunderstand my intentions - I'm simply musing about my personal guitar collection; the adding/subtracting is a process that I enjoy.
A little insight into Mikey as a human being: 
I do not believe in looking to some benevolent external being to give me what I want. I look to myself - my knowledge, skills, experience, and resourcefulness - to acquire and achieve those things that I desire - material, emotional, spiritual. And I believe that it is not only possible, but meant to be.
In my life, I am Santa Claus.

If anything, it is a notice to myself to get crackin' and 'make some shit happen!' LOL

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