Monday, November 18, 2013


I saw a post that 20 years ago today Nirvana performed 'Unplugged.'  Wow.
That, in turn, got me thinking about my Harmony Buck Owens American guitar.
Of course. 
Which got me to thinking how nice it was to have the guitar home again.
Which led me to the realization that this is the first holiday season that I have all these guitars in the same place - MY place - in over a decade.
It's good to have the family together for the holidays. 
Special thanks to Dino Aristides and Stacey Hanson, for taking care of my guitars for me; and to Pierre Rose and Cassie Owens and Robb 'Hurricane' Zerr, for bringing the last one home. 
And, of course, to my nephew Brenden Lean, who looked after my entire collection with loving care for years while I was off running around the globe.
The 'Family' Top to bottom:
Ibanez Iceman "Stanley,"
Gibson ES-175 "Sonny,"
Harmony Buck Owens American "Buck,"
Fender Acoustic "Samantha,"
Yamaha Flying Samurai "Sam I Am."

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